From the mountain.
From the sea.
From the powerful nature.
From the noisy, crazy vibes of the big city.

A powerful and sophisticated musical and visual
experience. A driving and raw show. Not just a

What can you expect when you put together these five outstanding musicians from all over the world ?
Who love life sincerely, who by their nature cannot compromise on what they feel and believe ?
Not more, not less than DIABOTE, an incredible journey through sounds and visuals. A sensation you will be sure to remember. Wild, powerful and grounded rhythms from African, Brazilian, Cuban,
Rock and D&B traditions. All this sources melted through a palette of
instruments :
Djembes, Dunduns, Congas, Pandeiro, Drum set, Sabars, Surdos,
Repinique and Auxiliary Percussion with melodic instruments such as
Voice, Kamele N’goni, Balafon and modern instruments like Electric
Bass, Samplers and Synthesizers….

DIABOTE is a massive, unpredictable sound that requires all the
stamina you have ! All this, plus exciting visuals created from a micro

They will bring you to other dimensions… And, there is no way out !

The Players
Romeo Cimarosti (Italy)
Percussionist/drummer/composer, Romeo founded DIABOTE in 2015. ”Good music,
beat the hell out of it!”
Lauriane Ghils (Belgium and Mexico)
Born with an African soul, look into her green eyes and you will just begin to hear the
amount and range of sounds she can produce!
Diogo Carvalho (Portugal)
Cap on his head, big smile, he will unfold any percussion instrument that belongs to
South America!
Ninya de Wever (Zeeuws -Vlaanderen, The Netherlands)
Her voice will open up new perspectives for you, whether you like it or not . . .
Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva (The Netherlands and Cape Verde)
He builds and breaks down worlds in one song, displaying the greatest amount of
different sounds from the same instrument.

FORCE BY NATURE is the debut album by DIABOTE, published by the independent label La Tempesta International.
The album is an experiment in world music, creating a link between electronic, acoustic and natural sounds.